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Topic: 1930 fire truck
Posted by MMjohn on 08-11-2005 14:57:52

we have a 1930 american lafrance fire truck. the steering box is wore out and needs rebuilding.can anyone tell me where we might get it rebuilt?thanks john

Response: Re: 1930 fire truck
Poster: Michael Jones    Date: 03-09-2006 12:06:36    Thread: 18861.html
We have a 1925 American Lafrance fire truck.
I am looking for a repair manual. Anyone have any ideas.

Response: Re: 1930 fire truck
Poster: AllanC    Date: 08-13-2005 20:54:16    Thread: 15539.html
The first question is what chassis is under it. We have a 27 Amarican Lafrance at the museum here built on a GM T40 Chassis.

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