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Discussion Forum

'74 Chev Cust Deluxe clutch slipping

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08-30-2005 17:21:48

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Can this slippage be adjusted?

In the worst case, how much will it cause to replace the clutch? ( . . . and is it worth it?)

Thanks for the help.

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John Long

09-19-2005 07:47:19

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 Re: '74 Chev Cust Deluxe clutch slipping in reply to knute, 08-30-2005 17:21:48  
If you have free play and it's still slipping, like others say, it's time for a new clutch. Clutch kits vary in quality and price. How long do you plan to keep the truck and how long and/or hard do you plan to drive it? You can get a clutch kit with disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and alignment tool for as little as $135. Just go easy on it if you buy a cheap one. On the other extreme, if you plan to drive it hard, go with a Kevlar clutch (kevlar is the material). Also plan on getting the flywheel refaced. Your clutch will last longer. For as little as it costs, it makes a lot of sense.

Harbor Freight Tools sells a scissors lift transmission jack with a ratcheted strap that wraps around the transmission for $50. It isn't the greatest but it does the job. It's got a platform with a V in it and I've found this jack to be a very handy third hand for other tasks such as holding starters up while I connect the wiring or holding doors in place as I fasten the door hinges. using a level and tape, I measure the centerline angle of the transmission. Then with a piece of 3/4" plywood and blocking, I set a ramp under the truck at the same angle as the tranny for the jack to ride on. This makes sliding the tranny out and in much easier. When reinstalling the tranny, along with the alignment tool, if possible, I like to screw allthread studs into the bell housing where the top two transmission bolts go to help guide the tranny in. You are less likely to damage anything. Once the tranny is in, remove the studs and install the tranny bolts. Be cautious of obstructions on your tranny that may prevent removal of the studs once the tranny is in place.

Be sure to mark everything so it goes back together the way it came apart. Scrub and clean everything real good so you don't get grit on the new clutch parts as you handle them. Especially the mating surfaces of the engine, crankshaft, flywheel, bell housing, and transmission so grit doesn't cause any misalignments. The cleaner, the better. I like to use brake cleaner spray on machined mating surfaces. It dissolves the worst crud and dries fast.

If you have a removable transmission tunnel, your job just got that much easier because you've got twice as much access. You have to remove the seat and carpet but it gives you the opportunity to scrub the bare metal floor and shampoo the carpet to remove those musty odors that come with old trucks. Especially under the seats.

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John McPherson

09-02-2005 08:34:04

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 Re: '74 Chev Cust Deluxe clutch slipping in reply to knute, 08-30-2005 17:21:48  
On the cost angle of it, who is going to do the work? If a shop is going to do it, expect maybe around 1000.00 as ball park (a lot of places will do it for less. It pays to shop around to point. So the next question of "is it worth it?" What condition is the rest of the truck in, and how long are you wanting to keep the truck? Compare this against the cost of a replacement that may have the same problwem isnide of 6 months if old enough.

If you are going to do it, be sure to reface the flywheel- the replacements before probably never resurfaced it- that cost between 35 and 50 dollars is average ballpark. Cost for clutch disk, pressure plate and throwout bearing, and potentially the clutch fork (bent forks are common) expect decent parts to run about 300 to 400 dollars) but they can be found for less.

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08-31-2005 07:50:01

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 Re: '74 Chev Cust Deluxe clutch slipping in reply to knute, 08-30-2005 17:21:48  
The clutch can be adjusted. The rod between the linkage and the throw out fork is threaded for this purpose.Shorten the rod to give an adequate amount of free play (1/2-3/4") at the clutch pedal. The linkage should be lubed also.

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08-30-2005 18:32:46

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 Re: '74 Chev Cust Deluxe clutch slipping in reply to knute, 08-30-2005 17:21:48  

Well if there is any freeplay at all in the clutch pedal and no linkage is binding then there just isn't much you can adjust. Now a clutch disk and a few hours work should get you back on the road. The cost of the disk will probably vary from supplier to supplier. Don't let it be like a friend of mine who sold his truck for $200.00 because it didn't run. guy that bought it sold it a week later for $1200.00 after making $50.00 repair

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