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Topic: '80 D150 Powerwagon
Posted by Michael Soldan on 10-16-2005 18:36:37

Dodge boys,what year of boxes are the same that will replace an 80 Dodge, also need a driver's door..are pickups and 150's the same? Mike in Exeter Ontario

Response: Re: '80 D150 Powerwagon
Poster: charley hellickson    Date: 10-17-2005 10:52:02    Thread: 16593.html
74 thru 80 are same exact box.72&73 are except gas tank still behind seat.81 thru 92 or 93,up till new ram came out,is newer style,same truck, just little changes like grill,lights,trim,cab interior.same box except for tail lights.boxes are welded on not bolted.doors 81 up same except inside trim panell.big D 2 ton trucks these years are same cabs.thats way it is in U.S.A. powerwagons are called W not D.they would be same hear.hope this helps.

Response: Re: Re: '80 D150 Powerwagon
Poster: Michael Soldan    Date: 10-17-2005 19:29:28    Thread: 16596.html
Thank you Charlie that's just what I needed to know, I bought this truck new 25 years ago and the truck is well worth restoring. mechanically its a-one, a drivers door and new box is about all the body work it needs, the rest should rub and paint..thanks...Mike in Exeter Ontario

Response: Re: Re: Re: '80 D150 Powerwagon
Poster: Chester    Date: 10-19-2005 16:21:10    Thread: 16629.html
If you have problems locating a door etc, The lower bottom inner and outer are available from:

Cross Canada Autobody Supply
5 Tilbury Court
Brampton, ON L6T 3T4

(905) 454-0209

This is what I did on a '79 that I have, 'cause it is just a daily driver. Their stuff comes from Taiwan, the quality and fit is pretty good for what they cost. Don't have a website that I could find.

Chester (Toronto)

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