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Topic: '65 D1200 Tranny Help Needed
Posted by James on 08-21-2006 02:00:55

I'm fixing up a 1965 IHC D1200 4X4 for my dad. The truck currently has a manual transmission and a V8 of some kind. The problem I'm having is with the transmission. Due to his prosthetic leg, he can't operate a manual transmission easilly. I'm wanting to install an automatic transmission for him. Any ideas of what will fit. 4WD is not needed, so a 2WD transmission is also an option.

Response: Re: '65 D1200 Tranny Help Needed
Poster: James    Date: 08-21-2006 02:17:51    Thread: 21171.html
The engine is a 345 V8. It still needs wiring, so I don't know if it runs. Most likely if I can't find a transmission, I'll drop in a 350 with a TH350. I'd prefer to use the original engine, since he wants to keep it as stock as possible.

Response: Re: Re: '65 D1200 Tranny Help Needed
Poster: Bob    Date: 08-21-2006 05:57:56    Thread: 21172.html
IIRC, they used a Chrysler TorqueFlite, set up with a bellhousing to match the IH bolt pattern.

You might try asking at about a boneyard that might have one.

Response: Re: Re: Re: '65 D1200 Tranny Help Needed
Poster: ben maples    Date: 08-21-2006 07:47:26    Thread: 21173.html
IH also used a trans that was the same as the Ferd FMX. I have one in my 67 T'all. There's a wrecking yard near my house that might have some. I'm in Fort Worth, Texas. Email me if your interested. There was also a guy down south of me that had a couple T/F trans & he still might have them. I can try & find hid email if needed.

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