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Topic: Cushman Motor
Posted by robert searcy on 10-24-2006 19:28:40

Hey Guys, one more thing here that we found while getting ready for the auction here in South DAkota. We found a cushman single cylinder motor that is eons old. It had copper tubing and a gas tank that looks like a gallon paint can. Its a horizontal shaft engine with a heavy flywheel on one side. and some sort of wide pully on the otherside like the old tractors had. It has a cushman copper engraved label on it. Does anyone have any idea what this thing might be or if anyone would want one. Its about 18 inches wide and has a square frame that its mounted to like you could mount it to a bench or wood top. ITs a heavy sucker i will say that.

Response: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: clueless    Date: 10-25-2006 08:33:13    Thread: 22010.html
If nothing turns up here, consider posting on one of the forums on the regular "smokstak" forum, the small engine forum or the "oil field" engine forum, or, at least, emailing some of the Cushman enthusiasts. I'd be very surprised, judging from your desc, if you didn't get a large number of very interested replies; it sounds like a real collectors item, altho Cushmans etc are not my interest. Good luck.

Response: Re: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: robert searcy    Date: 10-25-2006 16:15:36    Thread: 22013.html
Hey I found on the identification place its a Model C cushman motor with a 4HP on it. Came from Lincoln Nebraska, its got 1911 on the patent info.

Response: Re: Re: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: Jon Hagen    Date: 10-25-2006 20:49:56    Thread: 22018.html
Google "Cushman binder engine" to see if it looks like what you have. My grandfather had a pair of cushman binder engines that they used to power their grain binders, when harvest conditions were too wet for the binder's ground drive wheel to turn the binder mechanism.

Response: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: dave guest    Date: 10-25-2006 21:09:23    Thread: 22019.html
Can it be a scooter engine? Does it have a kick start? Is it a flat head without overhead valves? Does it run or spit or sputter? Please answer I might can use it. Dave

Response: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: Robert Searcy    Date: 10-26-2006 18:45:17    Thread: 22037.html

Here is one picture I found of it, it is a model C, 4 stroke, 4 HP engine. Its a steady speed 4 cycle motor that runs at 800RPM. It is a single cylinder. It is the one on the right had side of the picture in the middle. It is not running but is in amazing shape. I dont think it was made for a scooter as it weighs about 150 lbs I dont think that would fit in a scooter very well either. My guess is that it would be used to drive a pump, or something that could be ran by a wide belt as it has a 4 inch belt pulley that is clutched on the opposite of the flywheel.

Response: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cushman Motor
Poster: dave guest    Date: 10-27-2006 18:35:50    Thread: 22053.html
Thanks for checking and posting. Thought it might be my lucky day.

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