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Topic: '48 chevy truck engine swap
Posted by Greg on 10-26-2006 19:57:37

I want to swap out the old straight 6 on my 48 chevy thriftmaster truck for a chevy 350. I am looking for any helpful information about this swap; chassis modifications, electrical, transmission requirements needed?
any information would be great. Thanks!

Response: Re: '48 chevy truck engine swap
Poster: Dan     Date: 10-28-2006 17:19:51    Thread: 22056.html
This place sells the kit to make it a bolt in fix, look in >engine & trans mounts< no connection.

Response: Re: '48 chevy truck engine swap
Poster: Billy    Date: 10-26-2006 20:59:53    Thread: 22042.html
Actually it's an easy swap and the bellhausing from a v8 will mate to your transmission..check your front bearing retainer on the transmission, on some you will need to change to the later style like 55 to can measure to be sure..
motor mounts can be made, no problem, same with exaust... change everything to 12 can use mechanical oil and temp guages.. If you want to change to a later transmission and rear end, that's easy also....if you need more help, post back and someone will help...

Response: Re: Re: '48 chevy truck engine swap
Poster: jerrycpp(WA)    Date: 10-27-2006 19:56:01    Thread: 22054.html
Your '48 already has mechanical oil pressure and temperature gauges, but for a gauge that will handle the higher oil pressure of a full pressure engine, get a gauge from a GMC - late '47 through early '55 will fit right in.

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