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'55 F-600 6Vto12V Revisited again

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Michael Sheik

12-08-2006 08:09:32

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Well after trying to chase wiring on the back of the instrument cluster by contorting myself and using flashlight and mirror, I have determined that it is darned impossible to see let alone work on wiring in the CVR that Jon talked about down the page. I am going to take the instrument cluster out of its hole. I see a phillips head screw on both left and right sides and removing these is necessary. Looks like the cluster pushes forward toward the firewall and will not come out toward the steering column initially anyway. I want to get it out to where I can see and work on the wiring. Do you first push it forward toward firewall and then twist or turn some way until it will come out opening? Somebody out there has to have pulled this thing out!!!!

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12-08-2006 09:30:41

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 Re: '55 F-600 6Vto12V Revisited again in reply to Michael Sheik, 12-08-2006 08:09:32  
If the gauges WERE working on 6-Volts, get ahold of the wire feeding power to the IVR, cut it, and install a voltage regulator in-line, ahead of the IVR, as I told you about, and linked a page showing how other Ford guys do it.

You don't need to change ANYTHING at the IVR, so you don't need to see it, or access it. Just track down where it gets it's power, probably from a little fuse block.

Of course, if the gauges were NOT previously working, and you need to repair them, that is another matter.

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Michael Sheik

12-08-2006 09:36:14

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 Re: Re: '55 F-600 6Vto12V Revisited again in reply to Bob, 12-08-2006 09:30:41  
Yes all the gauges are working. Just can't see back up underneath there to track it down. Somethign I didn't tell you about is that I have a bad case of verdigo and when I lay on my back or side the whole world starts spinning. I can look forward and down ok.

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12-08-2006 10:31:18

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 Re: Re: Re: '55 F-600 6Vto12V Revisited again in reply to Michael Sheik, 12-08-2006 09:36:14  
If you are going to allow the 6-Volt IVR to handle the 12-Volts, you obviously don't need to do ANYTHING with the IVR. If you are considering adding a solid-state regulator ahead of the IVR, as I have done, and as the Ford guys I linked to have done, you don't need to access the IVR... just find the wire that powers the instruments.

I was thinking the old Ford may have a small fuse block? Some years ago, I did this with a 1953 GMC, and IIRC, the gauges were fed by one of the wires on one of the ignition switch terminals. I sure don't know for sure where your old Ford's instruments get their power, though!

As far as accessing the instrument panel, even if you don't have to get to the IVR, you'll have to change the dash light bulbs to 12-Volts, so you're going to have to get at the back of the panel, no matter what.

Sorry to hear about the vertigo problem. Fortunately, I don't have anything like that, but my bones and joints don't handle being wedged up under the dash as well as they did 20 years ago!

If I get time, I'll snap a photo and post it later of the voltage regulator I installed on my old GMC about 15 years ago.

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Jon Hagen

12-08-2006 16:40:30

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: '55 F-600 6Vto12V Revisited again in reply to Bob, 12-08-2006 10:31:18  
Bob,does IVR mean instrment voltage regulator ? If so,thats what Ford calls the constant voltage regulator. The 6V Ford gauges did not use an IVR or CVR.only the 12V models. As you say, the CVR or solid state voltage regulator can be mounted in a more accessible spot as long as it can be connected to ground and the other two terminals connected inline in the common wire that powers all three guages. I suggested using the CVR as it is sized for enough power to feed all three Ford guages,while the Ford site link advised using at least two solid state regulators with not more than 2 guages on each so as not to overload them.

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