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Topic: '79 Ford Courier
Posted by Slowpoke on 01-05-2007 00:31:39

I'll soon be needing a flexplate for my '79 Ford Courier, 2.3L auto transmission. The dealers long ago have destroyed all the parts catalogs so I can't get a part number. Does anyone have the number and maybe interchange info? And a lead on where to buy a NOS replacement?

Response: Re: '79 Ford Courier
Poster: JoeK(WI)    Date: 01-05-2007 23:08:11    Thread: 23026.html
Had one yrs back,they were a rebadged Mazda imported by Ford to compete w/Chevy Luv(Isuzu).
Try here.

Response: Re: Re: '79 Ford Courier
Poster: AllanC    Date: 01-07-2007 17:43:09    Thread: 23073.html
Are you sure it's a Ford 2.3 We had one for a while at work back then and it was a Mazda engine

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