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'73 Ford Courier

Gas in Oil

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05-16-2007 17:21:41

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This little truck is nothing but a pain lately. I have blue smoke coming out the tailpipe, fouled plugs and gasoline in my oil (at least that is what it smells like.)... Any ideas on what I need to do ? I am imagining a carb problem. Hopefully it is a simple fix.

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05-16-2007 17:50:53

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 Re: '73 Ford Courier - Gas in Oil in reply to JPM in WA, 05-16-2007 17:21:41  
if it has a mechanical fuel pump, that's my first suspect...the diaphram leaks gas inside engine..second, carbs can flood and dump enough gas that it seeps past the rings into the oil.. check the float level, check for choke opening and a clean air filter also that all cylinders are firing... change the oil as soon as possible as the gas will cause damage to the engine...

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05-16-2007 20:24:43

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 Re: Re: '73 Ford Courier - Gas in Oil in reply to Billy, 05-16-2007 17:50:53  
It has an electric fuel pump. The level indicator on the carb (the glass window) shows it to be above the line and there is seepage (gas) all around the carb base. So, basically are you saying that the float may be stuck and not shutting off the fuel when the bowl is full? I am hoping I can "easily" rebuild it, change the oil, air filter and clean the plugs (they are brand new). and all will be good. Is that a good plan for my first step? What do you mean by check the choke opening? Also, Right now none of the cylinders are firing, it won't start. Thanks for your help.

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05-16-2007 23:31:34

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 Re: Re: Re: '73 Ford Courier - Gas in Oil in reply to JPM in WA, 05-16-2007 20:24:43  
I have never even looked at a 73 Courier carb, but the ones I have rebuilt from that era were fairly simple designs and easy to fix. You want to check the float to see if it is still "floating". The brass type can get holes in them, so they get some gas inside and the plastic type can absorb gas and either way, they don't operate the float valve right. Hopefully you can get a new float if you need one. They are not easy to repair.

The choke blade should close or nearly close when the engine is cold and should open fully when the engine is up to operating temperature, assuming it has an automatic choke. If it doesn't work right, the pickup will be hard to start cold and will get poor mileage and performance warm. And a stuck closed choke could cause there to be unburned gasoline in your oil and fouled spark plugs.

You might want to squirt a little oil in each cylinder when you take the spark plugs out. Some of the ring seal is from oil on the cylinder walls, and the raw gas in your engine might have washed them down. This will help your compression, at least to begin with, and it should start easier. I have not had much luck in cleaning badly fouled plugs--so I would just put in new ones. Good luck!

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