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Topic: 1929 ford
Posted by wm morath on 08-21-2007 12:27:37

Is there a way to tell the difference between a 1929 and a 1930 ford AA truck? Thanks Bill

Response: Re: 1929 ford
Poster: JerryCPP(WA)    Date: 08-22-2007 04:33:21    Thread: 26823.html
As I remember Model A's, the '28 and '29 had the short radiator, the '30 and '31 the tall one.

Response: Re: 1929 ford
Poster: big fred    Date: 08-21-2007 20:59:32    Thread: 26819.html
Not sure if the AA used the same cowl as the A, but I would imagine so. The best way to tell the difference is if the cowl flows smoothly into the body, it's a 30 or 31, but if there's a definite "step", where the cowl is a bit narrower than the body, it's a 28 or 29. There's also some subtle differences in the body, where the bottom of the 30/31 has a "bead" all along the lower edge (like the bottom of the doors) and the 28/29 doesn't, it's just flat all the way to the bottom. The radiator shell is a little different, too, but I'm not real sure what the differences are.

Response: Re: Re: 1929 ford
Poster: Dan    Date: 09-02-2007 17:06:54    Thread: 26985.html
Regarding the stepped cowling. In the past, and even up to the 50's, It was common for manufacturers to re title unsold inventory as the next years model and sell them that way. I have seen models with stepped cowl which the owners swore was a 29, when it was most likely a 28 that was retitled and sold as a 29.

Response: Re: 1929 ford
Poster: vjd    Date: 08-21-2007 20:40:51    Thread: 26818.html
WM; Go to ahooga model A .com or goggle it up there are guys on there that are of great help

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