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Topic: F350 steering column swap
Posted by Michael Sheik on 11-13-2007 07:30:05

I traded for this truck a couple days ago and the steering column bearing/shaft are shot. I have a local salvage that can get me a good used column but what years will swap into this truck. Cosmetics is not an issue and I would think a column for an automatic would work. Mine is standard transmission. The only thing electrical in my column is the horn and turn signals. Em. flasher is on the dash.

Response: Re: '71 - F350 steering column swap
Poster: TimBinWV    Date: 11-14-2007 15:54:25    Thread: 27923.html

Micheal,any column from a half-ton to 1 ton will fit your truck from 65 to the last year the key was in the dash.(79?) The only difference being an auto/3spd/blank shift pattern. Also,the trucks with PS have shorter columns than non-power.I've taken lots of them apart and repaired them,too. They're not that complicated.

Response: Re: Re: '71 - F350 steering column swap
Poster: Michael Sheik    Date: 11-15-2007 04:45:40    Thread: 27925.html
Thanks TimBinWV!
The problem is that the guy who had it before me tore into it and threw away some of the parts so I cannot repair what I have.

Response: Re: Re: Re: '71 - F350 steering column swap
Poster: TimBinWV    Date: 11-15-2007 14:18:12    Thread: 27932.html
Hey,Mike, Since it's in a 1ton truck,I'm gonna assume it's a 4spd tranny on the floor. What you need to look for is any 67 to 79 half/3/4 or ton with the 4spd tranny. Assuming(again) you have Power Steering,you can get one from any junker with PS,4spd. If your truck doesn't have power steering,you can buy steering box,column and all,and switch it to power steering.Good luck with it.

BTW...check to make sure it's a good column before swapping it!

Response: Re: '71 - F350 steering column swap
Poster: Frank Sater    Date: 11-13-2007 16:25:57    Thread: 27915.html
Have you looked at .IT is for 1967- 1972 Ford trucks Ithink you find what you looking for.

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