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Topic: ring and pinion gear
Posted by dextrojw on 10-07-2014 20:57:07

Hello truck forum, I have a 1963 f350 dually that has had the engine and transmission changed, but nothing ever done to the rear end and can only get 45mph @ 2500rpms. The engine is a 1971 - 1974 351w, with a c6 transmission, but it still has the 488 rear end gear that was connected to a 4 speed and the 292cui engine. What I'm hoping for, is to find a 373 or 354 ring and pinion gear to be able to at least do 60mph at 1500rpms. I don't mind changing the entire rear end if I could get a 373 gear. If anyone can help, thank you ahead of time, and I'm hoping to hear from the forum soon. thanks again

Response: Re: ring and pinion gear
Poster: old    Date: 10-11-2014 11:18:43    Thread: 40014.html
Yep those old 1 tons where gears low and slow. I have a 1965 F350 with a 300 and 4 speed and has less then 81K miles on it. My dad blew the rear end out of it and we replaced it with a 4:11 one and can now get up to around 55-60 before it had a 5:73 rear end and 45 was top speed unless you went down a hill and pushed in the clutch pedal

Response: Re: ring and pinion gear
Poster: dextrojw    Date: 10-11-2014 17:44:47    Thread: 40015.html
Thanks for the reply. I'll be looking for that 373 or 354 ring and pinion to be able to drive beside you at 55 or 60mph. Have a good one. And let me know if you run into someone with that gear that I need for my 63. Take care.

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