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Topic: Re: 1979 chevy 4x4 stuck in watering hole
Posted by Bhunt on 05-18-2015 23:06:56

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Thanks Old I was aware of the rear differential's single wheel spin in general on cars and trucks just expected that A 4x4 was built to go in difficult places. Seemed like they should have been built with limited slip or positraction. Like ObsoElitist noted his 72 jeep wagoner came factory with limited slip front and back. I thought he had broken something. I was really troubled with the front particularly. I've had several 4x4s but I never got one stuck like that. In a way its good because I could see what the truck was doing. I sure didn't know most had an open differential front and back..

I do appreciate the heads up guys I learned that something I had taken for granted was just false security. never to old to learn.

Thanks again for your time and help Byronl

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