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Topic: Replacing Fuel Tank on a 1990 Chevy K1500
Posted by wsmm on 12-19-2016 13:54:26

After many suggestions and living in MidMichigan, I'm thinking removing the bed to disconnect the fuel lines and electrical connections before dropping the tank may not be such a great idea. Most answers I get say the bed bolts will either snap or the captive nuts will break loose and spin in the bed channels. So my question is how far can I drop the tank down to remove the lines and electrial connecitons without damaging them. I'll probably be working alone on this project on my back, I don't have a lift.

Response: Re: Replacing Fuel Tank on a 1990 Chevy K1500
Poster: AllanC    Date: 01-08-2017 21:09:45    Thread: 40472.html
If you can get the tanks empty they are not very heavy. Challenge is to get all the fuel out. You should be able to drop the tank far enough to easily disconnect things.

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