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Topic: 1950 F-2
Posted by Banjoman09 on 08-27-2017 16:51:09

Anyone a Ford pickup collector? I have run across this truck parked in a good and truck is in Good condition- no dents apparent. Any value on this?

Response: Re: 1950 F-2
Poster: ericlb    Date: 09-14-2017 07:01:46    Thread: 40604.html
value depends on condition, a non running barn find that is complete and not rusted away is maybe a grand, fully restored, it depends on how bad 2 different people want it, figure 20's to mid 30's if its perfect

Response: Re: 1950 F-2
Poster: ericlb    Date: 09-14-2017 07:04:22    Thread: 40605.html
dont forget when you see one of these trucks roll across the auction floor and bring that kind of money you can figure the owner has twice that in it depending on how much was done by the owner [no labor cost] and how much he p[aid to have done by a shop and a named car builder always brings more money than a unknown backyard shop

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