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Topic: 1935 Chevy Cab
Posted by John Saeli on 09-03-2017 14:10:42

I've got a 1935 GMC 1-1/2 Ton Truck which I learned has a Chevy built cab. All the wood is shot. Anyone ever got, or know how to get blueprints or patterns from GM so we can re-make the wood pieces? Ag manufacturers such as CASE, Deere & maybe CAT will provide prints, hoping GM will also.

Response: Re: 1935 Chevy Cab
Poster: Duner Wi    Date: 09-04-2017 11:00:35    Thread: 40601.html
If you can't find the drawings these folk might help. I think 35 or 6 used 2 different cabs in the same year.

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