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Topic: 1975 C6500
Posted by jr1983 on 10-09-2017 15:52:36

I"m having brake problems. I"ve had all the wheels off replaced six of the eight wheel cylinders a new master cylinderand a clutch slave. Once all the leaks were repaired brakes freed up and adjusted and bled I now have brake pedal that goes to the floor once and then good pedal. I have Good vacuum at booster what am I missing?

Response: Re: 1975 C6500
Poster: John Saeli    Date: 10-13-2017 08:02:45    Thread: 40619.html
2 things come to mind, further brake adjustment needed, or still air in the system. Having said that, some years back, when we had the shop open, I went thru 4 Master Cyl's from our supplier until I got a good one. He simply shrugged his shoulders & said they must have had a bad batch come in. 3 days of labor down the drain.

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