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Topic: Continental K6363
Posted by mbrady.glide on 10-20-2017 10:17:04

I have a '52 Diamond-T 622 that originally came with a Continental K6363 gas engine. It was re-powered by my great uncle after he purchased it (1960's) with a GM 2-valve 4-71 out of an HD-10. Any ideas what other vehicles or equipment the K6363 came as standard equipment in? The original engine is long since gone.

Response: Re: Continental K6363
Poster: steve s. in pa    Date: 10-20-2017 17:07:53    Thread: 40632.html
I"m sure there were others, but I know that Brockway used the 363 in some of their smaller trucks. There are probably still a few around. I hope you leave the 4-71 in the truck. They make a lot of noise and they are messy, but they are also very good engines, and will draw a crowd every time you start it up. A 4-71 powered Diamond T has to be a very rare thing.

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