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Topic: International pickups
Posted by dmdurham on 11-19-2017 23:26:03

Anyone know a good way to get information or identification on early 60's IH pickups? My grandfather had one and I'm working from memory to figure it out. I remember chains on the tailgate, arched wheel fenders, the dash layout. Was that strange green color. Or was is more blue? Thanks for any comments. Wanted to go to the Auto Swapmeet in Moultrie, GA but just missed it this weekend. Maybe in February.

Response: Re: International pickups
Poster: FastFarmall    Date: 12-14-2017 07:57:45    Thread: 40672.html
They had a green and a medium blue, My best friend dads bought the blue one new, a 3/4 ton 4 speed .He still has it, still drives it some.

Response: Re: International pickups
Poster: Longknife    Date: 11-20-2017 18:09:59    Thread: 40648.html
I am going to ask you some specific questions about your grandfathers truck and try and narrow it down a little.

1. how many head lights did the truck have?

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