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Topic: Re: Reo/diamond reo trucks
Posted by old on 11-21-2017 08:12:51

I still have a Diamond-T which was a road tractor till I made the frame longer and installed dump bed. If I remember right Diamond went out of business before 1980 due to the gov contract with no inflation in it so they went bankrupt.

Response: Re: Reo/diamond reo trucks
Poster: 4010 puller    Date: 11-21-2017 17:42:45    Thread: 40651.html
Where are you located? Any pictures of the truck? What year is it?

Response: Re: Reo/diamond reo trucks
Poster: old    Date: 11-22-2017 06:56:07    Thread: 40654.html
I'm in Missouri. At one time I had pictures but not any more due to the old computer crashing on me and this new one I have yet to figure out how to do pictures on

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