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Topic: F600 4x4 grain truck
Posted by Jim Pollock on 11-25-2017 13:46:37

Our neighbor has a f600 4x4 grain truck that they want to sell. I would say it is in the 60s but has been kept inside for at least the last 30 years. I believe it hasn"t been used for about 10 years. Not even sure if it runs now but it did when they last used it. They want $1,000 for it. Seems reasonable but how much would farm plates and insurance cost for this beast? We would only use it to haul grain to the mill and maybe lime.

Response: Re: F600 4x4 grain truck
Poster: 3020G    Date: 12-01-2017 08:02:02    Thread: 40664.html
Go buy it or if your close to me I will. I bet the guys over on one of the Ford truck forums would buy the front axle out of that thing for double your money. I can't help so much with plates and insure for your state but here the C60 is only insured on the road for 4 months a year with limited 10,000 miles and it costs $230.00 and the plates are $1--.-- a year best I remember.

Response: Re: F600 4x4 grain truck
Poster: ireight    Date: 11-30-2017 07:32:00    Thread: 40662.html
I would jump on that so fast heads would spin.

Response: Re: F600 4x4 grain truck
Poster: Jim Pollock    Date: 11-26-2017 12:16:59    Thread: 40657.html
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I did some more checking on this truck and still not sure of the year but its the body style of a 67 - 72 . The body has no rust except the lower fender extension on the drivers side. The frame is completely rust free and is coated with oil or maybe fluid film or something like that. It has what looks like a big block ford motor. It has a 5 speed transmission. The bed is a 14' grain bed. It has 34,000 miles. I think with new gas, a new battery and maybe some points it would run. The brakes need work. it doesn't have any pedal. It has the hydrovac that is under the left side of the cab. The 4 wheel drive is all in tact but it has 2 levers. It looks like one engages the front wheels and the other shifts from high to low range.

Response: Re: F600 4x4 grain truck
Poster: Duner Wi    Date: 11-26-2017 17:55:58    Thread: 40658.html
If it is 4X4 in working order, $1,000.00 sounds like a good price to me. Can't help with plates and Insurance.

Response: Re: F600 4x4 grain truck
Poster: FastFarmall    Date: 12-14-2017 07:53:10    Thread: 40671.html
Yeah i would put the grabs on that real quick !

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