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Topic: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Posted by cleddy on 12-07-2017 10:21:05

I just picked up a 1948 KB5 International Grain truck with a six cylinder Flat head engine. This truck been sitting outside for a long time with the hood open am not very optimistic about it running again. Will have a better outlook if it is not stuck and I can get the rusted off spark plugs out.

Would a 1954 235ci six cylinder Chevy engine be a good choice for a transplant. I have an extra engine that came out of a running pickup. In spite of all the gearing I want more power for what I want to do with this truck.Cleddy

Response: Re: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Poster: Duane WI    Date: 12-09-2017 10:31:44    Thread: 40668.html
I think Chevy put the 235 in similar sized trucks to the KB5. I would expect it to work as well as the original IHC Green Diamond engine. I have a Chevy 235 in my KB1. Doing the swap is not a bolt in by any means.

Response: Re: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Poster: Shaun Wallace    Date: 12-08-2017 17:38:08    Thread: 40667.html
The 48 KB2 I had a 216 GRD in it. Have seen Ford 223 6cyl in one. What was done to make fit have no idea.

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