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Topic: 1968 Wagoneer fuel delivery issue
Posted by YNM_O~o on 12-13-2017 13:40:27

I have a 350c.i. in this Jeep. When it sits for a few months, the fuel won't feed the engine. Starts with gas in the carb., but won't stay running. It has done this a few times now. Last time, I replaced the fuel pump on the engine.
Wondering if filling the tank to the top would push fuel forward?

Any ideas?

Note: This beast served as my "tractor" for 20 years before I gor my Yanmar.

Response: Re: 1968 Wagoneer fuel delivery issue
Poster: Duner Wi    Date: 12-13-2017 18:32:21    Thread: 40670.html
Check your fuel line for a wee bit of a leak, especially the rubber parts. It might not even leak when running.

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