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Topic: Re: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Posted by ericlb on 12-19-2017 07:05:15

with this kind of swap, its probably easier to get the 235 and its 4 speed transmission and put the whole thing in the ih, you will have some fab work to get it mounted, then make the change at the u joint of the driveshaft, if a conversion u joint wont get it done, a driveshaft shop can fab something to work between the ih driveshaft and the chevy transmission, your probably going to have to change that anyway , longer, or shorter, there may be a kit out to mount the chevy to the ih trans, but both units are long out of use, and finding one is going to be hard

Response: Re: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Poster: cleddy    Date: 12-19-2017 08:15:02    Thread: 40675.html
Thanks for the information. That was exactly what I was hoping as a few years ago a body shop sold me the 1954 Chevy engine set up complete with clutch & transmission and it came out of a running pickup some one was turning into a Hotrod.

It looks like the mounts are similar with one in front & two on the sides. I sure modifying &welding will be involved which I can handle as long as the drive shaft will connect somehow?

This truck is back on six tires now after repairing 5 out of 6 of them. The engine does seem to be stuck so if ATF&Acetone soaking doesn't work to free it up,it is out of there.
I am more familiar with the Chevy engine since there are five in my collection and four that should run.cleddy

Response: Re: 1948 KB5 Grain Truck
Poster: ericlb    Date: 12-20-2017 05:00:14    Thread: 40678.html
on the driveshaft, they make what is called a conversion u joint, the cross and cups are longer, or bigger on one side than the other, you will; need to measure your ih shaft and what goes in the chevy trans, sometimes you cant get one of these in the correct dimensions,it will take a auto parts man who knows his stuff, if that doesn't work a driveshaft shop can fab something that will make the 2 pieces of driveshaft work for you,as with any swap prepare to have to either lengthen or shorten the shaft to make it work with the new engine and trans if you have to go that way you will need to tell them exactly how long the unit needs to be, dont forget to allow for the slip yoke to move

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