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Topic: Ford flat head v8
Posted by Jd35b on 01-02-2018 16:08:56

What head makes cooler temp middle discharge or front discharge for coolant or does it matter

Response: Re: Ford flat head v8
Poster: DMartin9N-2N    Date: 05-02-2018 18:47:32    Thread: 40737.html

I have heard that a thermostat will slow the flow, but that does not matter. If the water is going through the radiator "fast", it is also going through the engine "fast", so nothing is gained or lost by slowing down the water flow rate.
Think about it like this: If the engine runs for an hour, then water has been picking up heat from the engine for an hour, and giving off heat in the radiator for an hour. All the water is moving the same speed, so makes no difference.

Dennis M. in W. Tenn.

Response: Re: Ford flat head v8
Poster: russ1    Date: 01-04-2018 13:12:25    Thread: 40697.html
The flathead fords have two water pumps that move a lot of water. To make it run cooler you need thermostats to slow don the flow to allow time in the radiator to cool. position of the outlets on the heads have no effect.

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