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Topic: Terminal trucks
Posted by Greenfrog on 03-29-2019 06:10:43

As in truck terminal......
Those little trucks not made for the road, but for moving trailers around.
What brand are these? Which are the best?
What are they using for engines?
Just curious. Kind of a type of truck that maybe nobody pays much attention to.
Thx for discussion input in advance.

Response: Re: Terminal trucks
Poster: CCer    Date: 05-06-2019 23:17:11    Thread: 40881.html
Watch "The Truck that invented an Industry" on Youtube. Get the whole story!

Response: Re: Terminal trucks
Poster: 504    Date: 04-21-2019 19:40:06    Thread: 40873.html
The 2x4 is a magnet to pick up trash to prevent flats,it really just stands nails up so they go in the tires easier

Response: Re: Terminal trucks
Poster: racsan    Date: 03-29-2019 13:25:46    Thread: 40864.html
ive always wondered what the deal is with those trucks that they have a 2x4 hanging from the front bumper, suspended about 3" or so from the ground.

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