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Topic: 1978 chevy k20
Posted by jimb 8n on 01-24-2020 17:02:08

I'm having trouble with my transfer case in my truck. It seems to slip in 4 lock when stuck in snow. Just wanted to find out what may be the reason why this happens.

Response: Re: 1978 chevy k20
Poster: wsmm    Date: 02-04-2020 15:10:07    Thread: 40964.html
What do you mean, it seems to slip when in four wheel drive. You do know that unless you're in 4 lock, or 4 part dive the transfer case also acts as an open differential.

Response: Re: 1978 chevy k20
Poster: jimb 8n    Date: 01-24-2020 17:06:37    Thread: 40955.html
I guess I should tell you it is a full time with a np 203 transfer case.

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