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Classic Truck Forum Archives by Subject
These are the archived discussion forum messages related to classic and vintage trucks built prior to 1986. Click on one of the topic links to start reading!
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SubjectPosted By
Green diamondMikeB
Grey hound busLynn
Grill and drivers side window crank assemblyCharlie
Grill polishing question?F100Jak
Grille 1950 chevy p.u.Cookieman
Grizzly pickup truck information ?Bob S.
Grumann Delivery trucksJOHN-MI
Grumman OlsonWalter Squires
GryaCotn HarvesterMissie
Guages for A2 IHCEric L
H model MACK TRACTOR TRUCKTheoriginalgunsl
HApPy ApRiL fOoLs DaYFRaNk
HEI Upgrade-worthwhile?F100Panel
HEI for '73 pickupJohnnyB
HELP flat head ford runs hot??HOTRODSURFER
HELP!!! cracked blockIan
HELP!!!!The tractor kid
HUH?Scott Hansen...Z
Had a friend with a 70 F100 onceJak
Hail DamageGary in TX
Half Century of Progress Tractor RideDave Olson
Half Ton with Car running gearMitchissippi
Hall- Scott engineDennis Stoeser
Hand operated clutch ideaBoyd
Happy new yearJerry
Happy to find siteSouth Kraut
Hard starting propane engineGrabatire
Hard startingPeter Verity
Harmonic balancerJohann
Harvester #50 RedPoorerbut
Hauling a 11000 lbs tractor with an F350Mark ct
Hauling a tractor on a flat bed truck.Chris
HaulingKeith garrow
Havin some trouble finding info on 1979 dodge.....Matt
Hayes logging trucks?JD790
Haze on trim GONE!!1941 farmall a boy
Head GasketFarmer-Gene-WI
Head boltsCookieman
Head gasket for a 380 cid ford diesel engineFrank hughes
Head lights, tail lights and marker lightsRodney
Headers for 55 w/small blockJohnny
Headers on 66 C-10Ed455
HeadersJD G GUY
Headlight rings for KB 6 or K 6 internationalLarry
HeadlightsSonny Heath
Heads up for ppl looking to get body work done.Andy in Ohio
Heater FanBUDD
Heater coilCity boy
Heater core change in 83 f-250Kevin omalley
Heater core in 1985 GMC BrigadierDavid Brantley
Heater core replacement 1979 ford pick upHowie
Heater helpNic
Heavier transmissiionRedrider
Heavy duty degreasingJohn-NEB
Heavy half ton trucksJeff
Hei coils going deadChet
Height of 1954 ford f-700Jim G
Help 1963 Chevrolet C60 DumpDavid Stockton
Help Chevy SuburbanTom
Help Help!! 1984 Sierra 4x4 Transfer Case Issue'sFred Pollock
Help ID'ing this truckBrad S
Help Identifiing size of EngineJoey
Help Mazda Guys!Jak
Help Need A 4 Speed Aux. Trans, BadKenneth Chapman
Help Tranny!Formula98z
Help a new classic truck restorer!!!!!!Bevan
Help find dad's old truckKyle
Help finding F-350 HubsSteve Welker
Help getting parts '62 Chevy C-60Greyson
Help id chevy 6Mike
Help id dodge engineDust
Help identifing old truck fenders and hoodLewis miller
Help identify '46 dodge truck engineMerv Ritchie
Help me identify old tractor....HELP!!!Wil
Help me identify this old truck.RoadRoy
Help needed (manifold)Keith Morris
Help on 460 motor rebuildMichael Wright
Help on key swicthRyan knickelbein
Help on mystery truck identification, PICGeorge in NE Mich
Help spring swapAlan
Help to identify early 1900's truckBryan
Help with 1951 chevy truckDan (wi)
Help with Car problemRandy Losey
Help with K-10 brakesTerry-N-Mo
Help with Rochestor 4G on late 50's GMJohn
Help with a Ford 534 engineJim Handke
Help! '83 ChevyRed Rocket
Help! 390 rear main seal ???Drew
Help! Need Pulleys for 1980 Ford 400MSandknob
Help! Need to replace heater core on 1989 Half ToTom
Help! Back window wont go upBurke in NH
Help! gmc cab swap??Kyle
Help!! How do I start a 1979 Int'l Dump Truck?- GRenee
Help!!! newbie hereChris
Help!, 1996 Chevy pickupJonathan
Help, anybody got advice on a chevy...Young guy
Help--1963 loadstar-1600 need partsCj
HelpJason russell
Help; Installing a 6.5 Turbo Diesel?Cole
Help; Need source for International 549/Spicer CluChris Kenefick
Hemi-headBig Jim
Henney 1924?Loren in MN
Hercules JXCJesper
Hercules YXC-2 Autolite generator problemSteve Pearson
Here is my completed bed all painted and Bed Liner onWilly-N
Here is my learning experience for today.Scott Hansen
Here's how the Dodge Red turned out. PictureWilly-N
Hey bobj49f2DCM
Hey Andy, I got my water pump!!!!TP From Central PA
Hey AtozMarie Zuber
Hey Big FredThe preacher
Hey Billy, 352 Valve Adjustment?Scott
Hey Bob---Start on 12 volts run on 6Duey (IA)
Hey Dave GuestJak
Hey DocDan
Hey FARMER PICKThe tractor vet
Hey Ford guys,I got a question about wheel interchJak
Hey Ford guysJack
Hey Ford truck expertsDoug in ks
Hey Guys I got a problem 79F100Jak
Hey John McPhersonJak
Hey Jon Hagen-'55 F600 wiringMichael Sheik
Hey Landon!!Cody
Hey Willy NJerry in Id
Hey Willy-N againDan
Hey Willy-NDan
Hey guys,easyiest heater core to change!Jak
Hey kimMike in mo
Hey willy NFarmallman
Hey, John NeDan
Hey, look everyone, it's the invisible manJohn WI
Hi reving problem.Fabien
Hi-boy FordsMitchissippi
High Mileage OilVince C.
High mileage 305-what oil to use?Dave@NY
Higher compression ratio engines?.Jonathan
Hissing 460Clemente
Hitch source neededMike
Hoist for 1 ton truckGraygander
Hoist for dump bedCliff
Holley CarbEkarbt
Holley Carburator Problem 86 351WJak
Holley carb eletric chokeRichard Heyduk
Home Furnishing, Handloom, Textiles, FabricsRita Bansal
Home equity loansHome equity loans
Home loans Home loans
Homebuilt bed hoist for 1 tonJosh
Hood Fenders ready now for painting!Willy-N
Hood HingesBob Thomasson
Hood end piecesMike Lacey
Hope the compressor doesen't lock upJak
Horn placement -F47DCM
Hose for Gas TankDon
Hot battery terminal on GMC truckJJ
Hot rod trucksGearhead
Hound get back to me Re SheetmetalMichael Soldan
How Do I Turn The Heat Off ?Stan
How big is a Model 373 GMC?AGEN
How collectable is this 1970 GMC camper special ???Just Wondering
How come it is so hard to find a semi-rust free truck any more..........TP from Central PA
How do I Restore a 1954 Dodge Truck?Kurt DeHaan
How do I find out how much it weighs?Lori Walton
How do you change ignition cylinder on a 1950 ChevJosh S.
How do you fix a 6 volt gauge to handle a 12 voltMitch Atkins
How does a Jake-brake work?Corncob
How easy is this to do?Okie
How far south for no rust ?Riverbend
How hard, remove cab on 84 F150?Boyd
How many bushels can I haul?JC
How many guys tring to do a Off Frame Restore on a old one?Willy-N
How many of ya are professional mechanics here?Jak
How much is my truck worth nowChristopher
How rare is this ford f100?Rob
How to Adjust Clutch/ Rod on a 66 Ford F100William
How to Change to Power BrakesBuck from WV
How to ID Ford engineTom Harrower
How to ID a back window from a Ford?Don-Wi
How to bleed my Toro-flow Diesel?G. L. Perry
How to build for best mpg.Buck from WV
How to free a stuck DistributorRick from Paso
How to get 1964 Ford home??? Tow advice?Luke-gr
How to improve fuel ecomonyNeed tips
How to lift the front of a '75 chev C30Gary (Ont)
How to modify or delete a truck ad??Mike
How to remove PTO pump?G. L. Grumpy
How to shift ih 5x3Larry h
How to silence a noisy lifter on a GMC 2.8l V6 ?Fabien
How to straighten a tailgate???Al Coates
How to wake up a motor after a restPeter Dalby Midd
How's this for milage?Don-Wi
Hub and rotarEdward Rawlings
Huge truck Battery!G. L. Grumpy
Hydra vac lubricationMyck
Hydraulic Hoist Fluid?P Backus
Hydraulic clutch on a late model ChevroletWill
Hydraulic clutchCarl
Hydraulic clutches in Tilt cab.G. L. Grumpy
Hydraulic pump sealRpg52
Hydro boosts pretty much the same?G. L. Perry
Hydro-vac rebuilder places? Need numbers?G. L. Perry
Hydroboost socket tool #???Elliott
Hydromax ford brakesDoubled
Hydrovac brakesCraig
I 1200C 4x4Evan350
I 6 performance partsWesterman
I H C Autowagon, model AWalt in Jaxn Tn,
I h pickupMick
I h pickupsMick
I hate MICE!!! I would kill them all if I could!Willy-N
I have a 1930 Modle 77 Pick-Up authorized for builEdward Dubil
I have a 1956 Chevrolet 6500 I need a Motor.!Roger Mc L.
I just bought a '57 Chevy 3600 truck. Have a couplRick
I just bought a 67 K 10Jimbo
I kept hearing(Boat Anchors)!Hey Billy
I know now what the symtoms are!!!!Jak
I know this isnt the classifieds but anyone with an old chevy please lookChris
I loaded some more photos72 Chevy 4X4
I nedd more info !Grant curtis
I need Help, What Kind on truck is this?Chris Tatsch
I need a Willys frameGrant Powers
I need a handBryce Retherford
I need a radiator for a 1954 f-600Mike
I need a wire guide for a 1979 ford f250 351 cleveTony
I need help with my el caminoKen
I need helpBD
I need my Hood and Cab now. I am finished!Willy-N
I need some 53 chevy parts please helpChris
I need to know year/size of Chevy 6Jerry S
I started the engine today!Willy-N
I think i;m nutsBob
I wont a econoline truckJASON REDWOOD
I-H 7.3 missing under loadGary Hearn
I.H. DodgeSrc
ID of Chev 6 cyl motorsDarrell
ID of a 1967 Chev C50 Truck 6 Cylinder EnginePaul (ND)
IH 1-ton gas tankSteve Coursey
IH 1200-A 3/4 Ton-22,000 Original Miles-Help!Rob Bush
IH 1210 4wd brake removalR4etired
IH 1600 LoadstarJoe
IH 1600 vinJFinOR
IH 1610B COEOceansee
IH 1800 engine specArian
IH 1969 truck 2wd, 345 V8, low milesGregg McFarland
IH 404 Firing orderJay (ND)
IH 404 Power Steering QuestionMike
IH 404 Specs.Craig
IH 450-501 Truck EnginesPlowboy
IH 478 Gas motor need points plugs gap'sAnthony Kiszka
IH 69 Loadstar Steering Pitman Lady in Distress!Surfnturflady
IH 74 LoadstarGreasey Hand
IH AC-160 Mystery YearT.K. Sitar
IH Allied Van Lines TruckJohn
IH Cargo Star 3-ton cabover - a few questions ???Way Up Here
IH Fleetstar, year?engine size?Mike Manning
IH FleetstarTator
IH Horsepower and Torque SpecsJames in SD
IH K or KB1 thru 5 fendersWardner
IH L 160Michael Earnest
IH L110 51-52Wisconsinjimmy
IH Loadstar 1600 help please!!!1950gm
IH Loadstar Speedometer Cable ReplacementCraig
IH Loadstar partsJHesler
IH Mud flaps1950gm
IH PartsDenny Way
IH Pickups, which year was the Golden Jubilee?Mike
IH R-200 Vin no.Royce Zieschang
IH RD 501 engineJaimee
IH RD 501Michael Earnest
IH S Series Hydrovac BrakesDRL
IH S-line/4700/8200 hood and engine optionsJohndear
IH Scout 80 valueRgprobert
IH Scout in The Number 23 MovieIn-too-deep
IH Sundance packageJayhar
IH TRANSTAR truck steering wheel horn buttonSLH IN MO
IH Truck (ACO)Ron
IH Trucks in the South West35 A
IH V220 truckRussell Parum
IH Wiring diagramsG. L. Grumpy
IH heads 345Db
IH loadstar 1700George

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