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Classic Truck Forum Archives by Subject
These are the archived discussion forum messages related to classic and vintage trucks built prior to 1986. Click on one of the topic links to start reading!
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SubjectPosted By
Shop manualDoug
Shorten '57 Chev 1 1/2 ton frame?Jerrycpp(WA)
Shorten truck framesTruckman
Shortening frameFrank DiMarzo
Sideboard hold-downsPaul
Siganl lights...on old pickupsDan
Sight map? Link?G. L. Grumpy
Signal light switchJ. Blevins
Signal Stat 800 turn signal switchSteve Sargent
Signal lightsRon
Signal stat 800 wiring diagramNeil Singleton
Signal stat turn/brake wiresRandy in il
Silver diamond 220Bill wade
Simona ventura xxxRaymond
Single wheel into a duallyGreywolf
Sinking Brakes -occasionally- 90 Dodge PUDave in OR
Sissor lift dimensions for dump bed???Pat
Site for boats ??Captain.n/e,Mo.
Sites for 75 Chevrolet trucksRB
Six cyl IH pickups from the late 40'sMichael Earnest
Six cylinder headAdam Brock
Sixties model Ford big trucksHandsome Jim
Size motor in a 55 Int. R-185 Series?Adam Kunz
Slightly O/T; Ford Ranger; No sparkPhil(va)
Slip yokeAnthony Angelo
Small chevy 350 oil out of exhaustTom
Smith cast wheelsDoug
Smog pumpTractorMike
Smoked the clutchBC Mike C
Smoking problem with Dodge V-6 EngineRoland Jackson
Sn helpRichard in CT
So what's a 'highboy'?Brianh
Solid rubber truck tiresAmertrac
Some other trans for Dodge w/Cummins??Scott
Some questions about fitting in a 59 GMC 100Tom
Something happened todayDan
Something happened-UpdateDan
Sonny's ToterMike
Source for Detroit Diesel Alpine Green paint?G. L. Perry (Grumpy)
Source for front axle bushings for a 1959 GMC 1/2tTom
Source for head gasket for Dodge flathead 6?Jim H
Source for reasonably priced 2bbl carb?Steven@nd
South Dakota -Nebraska salvage yardsChaz
Spacers for starter on IH Green DiamondKarl1870
Spam by another BobBob
Spam filterYTSupport
Spare Tire Filler Panel? Anyone?Ruby
Spare tires for box truck?Lynn Kasdorf - L
Spark gap...more or lessDave
Spark plug comparison chartOldster
Spark plug question(1979 F100 302ci)Jak
Spark plugs for a 99F-150Mike S
Sparkplug hole problemDan
Speaking of InsurancePollack Pete
Special hose? clutch master-slave cylinderBoyd in Mn
Spedo cable on 37 GMCPhlash in OK
Speed BlasterBuck in WV
Speed Demon CarbJoe
Speed questionThe preacher
Speedometer (66 Ford F100)Keith Morris
Speedometer faceplate restorationMitch Atkins
Speedometer gearCajun James
Speedometer headSonny Heath
SpeedometerMalcolm Brumley
Spending $$ on the farm truck.BC Mike C
Spicer 3053a or Clark 280VO?Luke
Spicer 5 sp. trans in 2 ton chevyChris Brown
Spicer 5831 pto #Mike in AR
Spicer 7041 aux. transFirewoodman
Spicer brown lipe 5831 aux transJames Read
Spindle Repalcement 1962 chevy truckKen
Split Rims, 1950 International Ton-1/2 TruckSam Lawton
Split manifold for 272 engineArt Johnsen
Split rim replacement optionsIs it time to split?
Split rims neededFred Cook
Spooky truckRay
Spring upgradeJP
Spring-over conversionMusic
SpringJim in N.S.
SpringsRed Rocket
Sputtering 400 fordJaker2
Square nuts 1/2 inchA. Willis
Stake bed hardwareMikeB
Stake bodyMark Birx
Starter Issues and its killing me!!!!Robert Currie
Starter SurpriseRegoR
Starter for '63 C-10 with a 292 and T-350 TransmisHenry
Starter problems, 1953 Chev. 1/2 ton pick upJames
Startin on the bodyNebraska John
Starting Problem on 69 FordDane Wence
Starting a 52 flathedDogboy
Starting problemsRed rocket
Steel Wheels for '71 ChevyDave T
Steering Column Change outBow_Tie_Bob
Steering box on 79 FordBob
Steering columAaron
Steering colume blinker lever parts for itTimegray
Steering column wiringJustin
Steering gear box for 1962 f-100 pick-upRobert zucco
Steering issues 1954 gmcRon Fager
Steering knuckle bearing preload 1960 1/2 tonMark OR
Steering wheel alignmentKent
Step vanConfederate general
Stephenson Motor Truck Co.Dave Taylor
Stepside truck bedJack
Sterling Info.Ken Ochenkowski
Sterling and other enginesJerrycpp(WA)
Sterling truckJoseph Gartner
Sticky Ford Igni . .Windancer
Still won't run right -GMCJim
Stolen 1972 Chevy CheyenneJames
Stolen 72 pickup,orange/whiteBellbouy
Stop leak for leaking head gasketKreig
Stopping problemsJohn WI
Stoughton Fire TruckEric Nottestad
Stovebolt Server DownJohn Lucas
Stovebolt WebsiteJohn
Straight 6 engineScot
Straight pipesJared
Straightening Bent Valves anybody know how?Mitch Atkins
Street rod engineJoe
Stretching truck frameSonny Heath
Stromberg rebuildPoorerbut
Strong WheelsClem
Strongest C6 factory trans?Doug
Struggling with one of Ford's better ideas!!!Bill Oakes NY
Stuck ClutchDave
Stuck bleeder valves!Randy
Stuck flathead V8 engineLarry
Stuck thermostatSTEVE REKKEDAHL
Stuck wheelJim
Studebaker 1952 picture. AustraliaScooter
Studebaker AdviceIn-too-deep
Studebaker E-40 won't runGary Hearn
Studebaker Grain TruckBrendan Surprenant
Studebaker parts availability is ?????Greenbeanman
Studebaker truck show?Gary Hearn
Studebaker trucksGary Hearn
Student projectTerry
Subbing 57 chevyWjr
Suburban wire problemNico
Sun Visor RepairsPaMnd
Superior FEL Serial 3505, model K118Myra
Surprise! my wife would like an old truck!Fordfarmer
Surprised big today-49 FordDCM
Suspension or body swap?Rik
Swap 6.9+C6 for 300+C6 2WDBoyd
Swaping fenders and doorsVirg
Swapping 6 for V-8Robert Black
Switch 396 for 28360trk
Switch Engine and TransPenn Pennington
Switching truck framesGordon
Synthetic oilsToolman
T Ford or Fordson engineTorleif
TBI power tipsJD G GUY
TH400 questionDon t. - 72gmc
THANKS!!!!Scott (TN)
Tach DashBill
Tachometer gone wildJeff
Tail LightsWiresonly
Tail lenseRodney
Tailgate for a 1950 GMCBCM
Tailgate for a 1956 Dodge pick up truckAllane Brine
Tall deck 427 chevy truck engineIsaac
Tall deck 427ChevyIsaac
Tbi not sprayingAren
Tbi problemsAren
Tci rear spring kitSo fat
Tele-flo Diesel books?G. L. Grumpy
Telling a 327 from 350Mike in AR
Temp sender/gauge readingsHotrodsurfer
Terminator 2 Truck ?Mikael C.
Th400 wont hardly shiftJeremy sullivan
Thanks Buzzman72Hawk
Thanks Mr.B Mr.PRicky
ThanksChris pas
Thankyou Kim...Dan
That 1971 Chevrolet c-10 Truck...Frankie
That's the breaksCole
The Car Show was fun!Willy-N
The Featured Photo (old Chevy Vans)Xpltivdletd
The Power Wagon is done! Picture of it.Willy-N
The best truck to tow with?Mike
The difference between---Greaseman
The eperks.com?Uck15
The first truck westAlvin n Ms.
The new Toby Kieth video...Dan
The oldest truck still in regular useGrove r
The vin number on a 1966 Ford F100Brett
Thermostate housingBill Ensor
Thinking about departing old trusty '77 F-350 s-cabGary
This ever happen to you?Don-Wi
This might help someone.Db
Those Pre unleaded gas valve seats.Buck in WV
Those two are the same question. Im trying to getBill Ballinger
Three Stooges and TrucksEd
Tilt front end on a 80 gmc 6500??????Pat
Tilt front endsPorpaintt
Time to start sand blasting the Power Wagon now!Willy-N
Timing Light QuestionsEngine One Eight
Timing ProblemDanfromWV
Timing a 2.8 chevy s-10Kelly moore
Timing a 54 chevyMalcolm brumley
Timing a Ford 370Week N Warrior
Timing a V-8 from scratch.VAJerry
Timing chain replacementMark A
Timing degreePete ingraham
Timing for 1970 Ford F600?Martin
Timing for 235 6 cylinder 1959 chevy truckPeter Olson
Timing on Chevy 350Mason252
Timing on a 1975 International(345) truckJames Hope `
Timing the 400 M blockJak
Timken (or Rockwell) rearend questionEsev
Timken or rockwell?Truckntractorman
Timken rearend numbers, need help to decodeEsev
Tire balancing necessary?Dan
Tire changingDave guest
Tire conversion from tube to tublesDale L
Tire source neeededMike
Tires and wheels for 57 IH 4x4 pickupChris Brown
Tires wheelsMichael Nester
Titan motor home w/Dodge engineNorm
Title and plate for 59 F600?G. L. Perry
Title for 46 KB5BigBob
Title numberMalcolm brumley
To IronXAllanC
To Phlash in OKJerrycpp
To many RPM,sCarl
To pay for an inspection or not?Tom
Todd MurthumRandy
Tonneau coverCB
Too much brakeAllen
Too slowEd
Tool for removing pins from automotive electricalWsmm66
Topper ads 1.5 to 2.5 mpg ?Boyd
Torque converter and flywheel removalMyra
Torsion barsJeff
Towing a school bus from New Jersey to MichiganDennis Benson
Towing a turbo 350 automaticMalcolm brumley
Towing busines333
Towing capicityBLT
Towing rating-84 F150, 2wd, 300-6 granny 4spBoyd
Towing with '87 F150 2WDTim Malin
Towing with old chevy 1/2 tonDonW in Pa.
Towing+hauling automatic vs granny 4 sp, F150Boyd
Toyota trannyGermandan
ToyotaJohn Ne.
TractionSuper STEVE
Tractor engine in a pickupCaptain.n/e,Mo.
Trade 6 lug for common 8 lug-1964 Ford F350Gaplowboy
Trading a '49 Chevy for a '63 FordGreenbeanman
Traffic Motor TrucksLevi
Trailer Wheel Bearing QuestionPollack Pete
Trailer buildingSonny Heath
Trailer hitch harnessBrian
Trailer hitches...I C Red
Trailer towingSonny Heath
Tranny ?Scott Hansen
Tranny PTO questionsBoyd in Mn
Tranny problems?JD G GUY
Tranny woes in a diesel 4x4 SuburbanMike D.
Tranny won't come out!B_met
Trans i dIn sticks
Trans id questionBob s
Trans SwapJohnnyB
Trans i dBob s
Trans what is it?Broe
Trans yokeCookieman
Trans, and clutchSteven Brinkerhoff
Transfer caseAlan
Transmission idIn sticks
Transmission # for 1972 c-50 needed or where to lMike
Transmission HelpTbrake
Transmission ID. in 1956 F-600Todd in NC
Transmission IdentificationMetalZ
Transmission Swap 1965 C 10Mark
Transmission SwapLanny
Transmission ajustment ??Rick
Transmission full of waterMalcolm brumley
Transmission swap from '67 F100 to '66 F100Trent Spivey

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