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Classic Truck Forum Archives by Subject
These are the archived discussion forum messages related to classic and vintage trucks built prior to 1986. Click on one of the topic links to start reading!
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SubjectPosted By
What is a good antique truck for hauling a tractor.Super 55
What is an Old truck worth?Randy D. Everhart
What is included in a wiring harnessJerry S
What is it?Snafu
What is the easiest way to get undercoating off?John-NE
What is the horse power 351wModom65
What is this engine formMIKE1937CDN
What is this stuff in the differential? (1962 GMC)Cheg
What is this truck, and do you have pics?Jerry Landes
What kind of heater for working on trucks in garage?Boyd
What kind of tire changer is easiest to operate-I need oneBob in Illinois
What kind of trans and rearendClem
What kind of truck is this?Maria
What manual transmissions will interchange on 87 G69zfarmer
What motor for my truck?Phillip Howard
What to do with a 52 chevy flatbedWahine
What to do with my D500?John
What trans.will interchange on 87GMC7000?69zfarmer
What truck is this?Raul
What truck?REA
What type of lic. plates and ins.Jackel
What type of oil for a Ford flatheadb V8...Dan
What will cut the anodizing off?Jak
What will fit 77 FORD 800Ottis
What wires do you like?Buck in WV
What year chevy bus?Dan Reilly
What year international trucksBenny
What year is GMC?John Brock
What year is Mack model EF Serial # 3173Cat Dave
What year is this international truck?Kate Walker
What year?Vern
What's a 48 KB5 worthBarry Small
What's a good chasis for a 1930 Model A ford?Tom
What's that called?CHARLES
Whatever happened to Hayes logging trucks ???Alberta Mike
Whats a 1978 F-7000 look like?Captain,N/E Mo.
Whats a '51 GMC coe weigh ?Boomer
Whats a 1960 C60 not running worth?Engine One Eight
Whats a good 8x10 stakeside flatbed worth?Boyd
Whats a good price for a dodge?Adam
Whats a walking beam suspension?Boyd
Whats it worthMartin
Whats it worth?Randy
Whats the length limit on straight trucksMarkct
Whats this switch for?Super Steve
Whats wrong with my truck?Tennesee Hillbilly
Whats wrong with trans?Farmallcrazy
Whay year for cat converterDale13
Wheel for a 3500 lb trailer axelRoadrunner
Wheel SealKenneth Bishop
Wheel catalogPat Murray
Wheel changeJim Ramsay
Wheel cylinder casting number 29538Fernandez
Wheel cylinders power wagonRoy Suomi
Wheel cylinders and brake shoesDave Ireland
Wheel sizeMike S
Wheelbase Dimensions NeededGluesup
Wheels - 61 GMC stepsideDavid Baber
When it rains, it pours.......1979 f600 brake cyliHilfer
Where are the ID numbers located?Jak
Where can I find cab parts for a 1977 C60truck?Shockers69
Where can I get a Continental Kit Cover?Buck in WV
Where can I get windshield wiper motors reworked?Sally
Where do I find I.D. nubers on the transmission?Jon in Ohio
Where do I place tractor parts?Mark
Where do i get replacement saddle tanks for my 71Ian coffman
Where for White Info and pictures?G. L. Perry
Where is VIN on 55 studebaker truckBarr
Where is a good place to get wire terminal parts?Jerry S
Where is my Vin number?!?!Dustie
Where is the evaportor on my 73 F350 with factoryMike
Where is vin #CNElkins
Where the build sheet on my 79 chevy?Dan
Where to buy Radiator SupportBuck in WV
Where to buy ford parts ?Scott
Where to find Fabtech 3 lift install instructionsJames
Where to find VIN # on 54 Ford F154 F1
Where to find cheap/decent suspension lift for RWDJames
Where to find parts c-800 dodgeLarry h
Where to find the year on a 350 chevy blockJonathan
Where to find vin #Shane mcdonough
Where to find windshield for 48 KB5 IH ?Scott
Where to get International partsShane
Where to get info?Randy
Where to get syncronizers ?Chris Brown
Where's my 53 chevys VINDan c
Which Is The Best???Pick-Up Man
Which is BetterChevyDude
Which lift kit to buy?James
Which one is the #1 Cylinder on a Model A?Bob F.
Which way does the seal go?Mitch Atkins
While Changing engines can i still use radiator?Mitch Atkins
White 100a EngineBryan Hope
White Flat Head EnginesJake
White TrucksAndrew
White WC-22Old Peddler
White trend rollback truckGuy De Gennaro
White truck historyDave T
White truckWayne
White trucksGettin' Old
Who Makes GOOD Replacement Interior Panels?Scott In Sandpoint
Who makes the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine?Droadrunner
Who sleeves brake cylinders?Jerrycpp (WA)
Whoa!! I said Whoa!!Okie-Dokie
Why can't I post ad in classifieds?Ryan
Why do ford trucks burn oil ?Fred no brains
Why is it??Handsome Jim
Why is my front left brake doing this?Bart Lane
Why won't the 1948 Ford F-5 6 cylinder startMitchell of Michigan
Why won't the 1948 Ford F-5 startMitchell
Why would my auto.tranny slam into D when I shiftDan
Wichita truckDoug
Wide Load The LawWeek N Warrior (
Will 1978 cab long bed bolt up to a 1976 chassieMike
Will 86 ford bed caps fit a 92 fordQuestion man
Will it work?Jak
Will raising the differential gear ratio help econChristopher
Will school bus metal fit a GMC 6500Justin
Will they fit?Lee Ia.
Willies wagon vin numbersGordon Stenke
Willy-N P26 oil pressureRickm
Willy-N about that governor...Rickm
Willy-N!Scott Hansen
Willys Jeep FC170 4x4ChuckS
Willys Pickup bed.Randy Losey
Willys V8Rdw
Willys truckBob
WillysMike in La.
Wind blows my truck?Josh
Window trimEoh
Windshield for C series DodgeJohn
Windshield gasketGG
Windshield replacingHilltopper
Windshield wiper overhead motorRedrev
Wiper motorSteve
Wire HarnessRedmud
Wire harnessTbm3fan
Wireing PartsTurner 71`
Wireing diagramKevin M.
Wireing dirgraham for 59-72 ford 3spd with o/dSlim hh
Wireing harnessAllan
Wirering DiagramMinn.norske
Wiring Harness diagram for 1978 Chevy Van HELP!!Kelly E.
Wiring a truckEdward mills
Wiring diagram '71 ChevyLee
Wiring diagram 1984 85 for Chevy S-10 PickupBetty Glaze
Wiring diagram f350Tansy
Wiring diagram for 1989 Ford Econoline 350 Truck.AWB
Wiring diagram for scout 800Clay Feller
Wiring diagram for the turn signals on a 89 F-350Michelina Nyland
Wiring diagram for1967 to 1972 ford 1/2 tonStevec
Wiring harness connectorRodney
Wiring harness neededTIMAR
Wiring on a 84 C-60Kevin H.
Wiring schematic - 1953 I.H. R 110Mark vineyard
Wiring schematic for 68-69 International HarvesterPat
Wiring schematics for 1952 f-2Harlan Graves
Wish I could post on here but my truck is a 1992I love my truck
Woman Needs Help with 69 chevySamantha
Wont hit on one sideAndy
Wont turn overKelly
Wood Bed strips 69 GMCKelvin
Wooden bedJohnny
Woodwork `33 ford truckJerome
Working on cars/trucksDave guest
Worth keeping?Jtrauner
Worth of a diamond TJohn in Utah
Worth of a l947 FederalJohn in utah
Would it have brakes, towing 85 F350 Diesel not ruBoyd
Would it work?Dan
Would you add a visorDan
Y BlockDaniel WI
Y-Block SwapsCOEFords
YT Network ProblemYTSupport
YT truck pageDEAN
Yahoo mapquestVictor
Yankee Owlite.....headlights???Trucker220
Year IDJack
Year for Mercury truck?Missmercury
Year of my 3 Chev trucks??Mike
You Tell Me pic by Chris from UKChaz Harris
You tell meChris
Your new hauler--Sonny HeathMike
^%*$%!!! F350 lug nuts!!!!Boyd in Mn
`53 Chevy 3/4 tonScott--VA