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Classic Truck Forum Archives Sorted by Author
These are the archived discussion forum messages related to classic and vintage trucks built prior to 1986. Click on one of the topic links to start reading!
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SubjectPosted By
1959 GMC 2 ton 4x4 nice runner solidPhil
1963 scout Ford inline 6 4 speed NICEPhil
1969 scout 800 345 with 3 speedPhil
48 ford trannyPhil
79 Ford f100Phil
Ancient C. H. Wills truckPhil
Ford engine swapPhil
Merc 508 - Faulty BrakesPhil
Parts for my 1978 mercedes 508Phil
Edelbrock Carb ProblemsPhilR
Edelbrock carb thanks for the comments please reaPhilR
Price??Phill the kid
What motor for my truck?Phillip Howard
1977 dodge power wagonPhillip reville
1985 Ford F150 w/ a Straight 6 won't run smooth orPhillip
70 chevy control armPhillip
Diesel in oilPhillip
Drum breaksPhillip
36 GMC enginePhlash in OK
82 GMCPhlash in OK
8x17.5 tubless tiresPhlash in OK
Anybody interesred in a 67 F 250?Phlash in OK
Chevy wipersPhlash in OK
Classic Truck Discussion Board - IHC pick box, what year?Phlash in OK
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 1936 T-14 GMC PickupPhlash in OK
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; The Beast Has Arrived (pic)Phlash in OK
Gas gaugePhlash in OK
Gauge decalsPhlash in OK
Spedo cable on 37 GMCPhlash in OK
Parts source for 1968 Series 50 Chevy truckPhyllis
Which Is The Best???Pick-Up Man
1968 Ford model NPierre Clement
1953 chevy 6100 semi tractorPiirainen
194* IH KB-6Pijun76
454 4x4 pickupPink panther
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Dodge serial numbersPioneer
Build sheetPitch
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Re; Re; whats a good source to find cheap dirtPitch
OT Chevy Astro Van/ longPitch
Truck choicePitch
78 chevy 1 ton crew cab tranny problemsPj dyke
Frontend alignmentPlowboy 1
IHC windshieldPlowboy 1
Mercruiser MotorPlowboy2155
1966 Ford 2 ton cab exchangePlowboy
Chevy Rear ShocksPlowboy
IH 450-501 Truck EnginesPlowboy
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Rodent nest in F-150 heating/ventilation systemPolk crawler
1958 Ford F-850Pollack Pete
BIG GMC Pick-upPollack Pete
Cummins Temperature SenderPollack Pete
Diesel Engine IDPollack Pete
Ford Super Duty EnginePollack Pete
Rubber Floor MatPollack Pete
Speaking of InsurancePollack Pete
Trailer Wheel Bearing QuestionPollack Pete
Turbo QuestionPollack Pete
Brownie aux. transPomofirewood
Gas to diesel engine swapPomofirewood
New process 540 trans.Pomofirewood
'47-'51 steering wheel-Dodge?Poorerbut
1-1/2 ton Dodge truck trannyPoorerbut
Eaton 2-speed questionPoorerbut
Harvester #50 RedPoorerbut
Stromberg rebuildPoorerbut
Wagner Lockheed wheel cylinderPoorerbut
Remove ignition switchPopcorn
Old tractor moving truckPoppin' Johnny
Tilt front endsPorpaintt
Buy all your cheap mobile phones only from; globalPosted By ali00
Gas Mileage-74 Chev Dually-454-Automatic?Potential Owner
460 ford engine qualityProjecttrucks
Not really a classic truck question....Prophet
Cam changePrstrt85
1947 ford 2 1/2 tonPuzman Lordsway
Weight of mid 80'sQuestion about mid 8
Is there a web site to view rims on your vehicleQuestion man
Will 86 ford bed caps fit a 92 fordQuestion man
1948? GMC COEQuicksilver
Need some adviseR Gottshall
Are model T Ford wrenches worth anything?R Wyler
Difference in IH red diamond truck engines and tractor engines?R Wyler
1964 chevy C 10R ichard
Master cylinder F600 ford truckR.J.
1948 chevy loadmaster spindelR.Johnson
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Re; Re; 1949 Jeep Wiley TruckR.l. townsend
Calling Buzzman72R4etired
IH 1210 4wd brake removalR4etired
IH truck partsR4etired
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; '72 350 BlazerRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; '78 Chevy K-10 blues (Roch. Carb)RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 1953 chevyRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 69 chevy found in barnRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 70 GMC replacing bed wood questions ...RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 72 chevy cheyenne superRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 72 chevy cst20RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Blowing PS Fluid out of reservoirRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Cheap ball joints?RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Dodge vs fordRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Ford 300-6 making mega-power?RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; I give up , anyone interested in this truckRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; My truck is in the magazine!!RB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; NY Vs. Maine RegistrationRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Which is BetterRB/CT
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; converting 72 chev to power brakesRB/CT
Sites for 75 Chevrolet trucksRB
1953 Chevy 3/4 tonRD
69 C-60...Somebody must know...RDC
Body parts for '69 Chevy C-60RDC
Chevy 4x4 3/4T with a dumpREA
What truck?REA
1 1/2 ton engine swapREDJD
Chevy engine questionREDJD
Truck Photos (Kim)RFP
74 Chev C-60 heat gaugeRGH
1977 chevy longhorn stepsideRICH WEBSTER
55 Chevy Stepside 3200RICK GA
1948 chev truck cab frameRJ
Pto 63 ford F600RJ
Classic Truck Discussion Board - 53International R-162RJS
O/T; Chev p/u fuel pumpRKN
1955 F-100 Steering BoxRL
ClutchRON D
1964-66 Tachometer kit1964-66 Truck factoryTachomeRP
1966 C-20 tranny change overRP
60's Chevy trucks-bumper painted or crome?RP
Chrome Wheels with TiresRP
Interrior Paint Color Codes 66' Chevy Pick-upRP
Looking for old Chevy truck prices?RP
Rare 1962 D100 / picturesRP
83 Chevy DieselRV
54 chevy suspensionRWillie
1952 Ford TruckRachael
1982 Ford F150 Frame DimensionsRacheal
Fuel Injected - Carburated Engine Intake QuestionRadejr
84 Chevy 1 ton dump 4wdRafe
1965 IH Loadstar 1600 brakesRailhead
Jeep J4000 truckRailhead
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; 1951 L-110Ralph Manauis
1949 dodge 1tonRamman
Truck bedRand
Carolina Freight Carriers MuseumRandall Foster
Pictures from Greensboro, NC Truck ShowRandall Foster
International K B 5Randall Sanderson
Mid fifties dropped axelRandall thomas
Fire truckRandall
1982 GMC 1/2 ton pickup vaccum linesRandolph
What is an Old truck worth?Randy D. Everhart
Help with Car problemRandy Losey
Willys Pickup bed.Randy Losey
1968 C-10 TroubleRandy Parkman
85 c10 Chevy Brake warning liteRandy Ski
Ford 351/400 M series motorRandy Walsh
'54 1 1/2 ton chevy truck w/ hoistRandy hall
Fayette trailerRandy hall
'53 6400 series two speed firewall mounted controlRandy in IL
1953 6400 2 ton 12 foot grain bed dump truckRandy in IL
Need pair of 250 chevy truck 81-87 engine block moRandy in il
Signal stat turn/brake wiresRandy in il
1949 chevy 1-tonRandy shore
1935 flathead V8Randy
1967 Ford F-750 fire engine brake questionRandy
292 inline 6 firing orderRandy
47 Ford pick upRandy
47 Merc truck grilleRandy
6 Cylinder flatheadRandy
Axle lubeRandy
Brake line fixRandy
Bronco 11 carb questionRandy
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Chevy truck bedRandy
Classic Truck Discussion Board - Re; Chevy truck bedRandy
EXCELLENT resource for brake partsRandy
FWD trucksRandy
GMC V-12 Truck EngineRandy
Liberty fire truckRandy
Mercury truckRandy
My truck is eating TFI modules!Randy
Need help with a 1974 Ford F700Randy
Rocker panel covers for 71 chev truckRandy
Stuck bleeder valves!Randy
Todd MurthumRandy
VIN DecoderRandy
Water pump pullyRandy
What breaks inside a differential?Randy
What good are bedliners?Randy
Whats it worth?Randy
Where to get info?Randy

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